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Born and raised in South Shields (UK). I always had an interest in design and general pretty things. From an early age I knew I wanted to be a designer, I mainly focused on the web, producing small websites for friends and family. Buying every book I could get my hands on, trying to progress and learn more and more. The funny thing is, I went to college and didn't study design or art. I studied eBusiness, where I learnt a firm understanding of business and the general legal and not so legal practices. After college I started my first proper design lead course at university. Drawing on other peoples experiences and developing my own. I like to work with passionate people, people who know what they want and are driven in their motives to get where they want to be. I like to help people progress their ideas and turn them into reality.

Me - Scott Oliver - Freelance Designer Newcastle

Why Fudge Creative?

I decided to set up as a freelance designer because I love to work with many different people, working on a variety of different projects. Freelancing gives me the opportunity to branch out and meet people I wouldn't of met and work with people I wouldn't of worked with. Fudge Creative came about after a few intense brainstorming sessions which amounted to nothing, until I noticed a lovely packet of Fudge on my desk.

Or some work?

What are
people saying?

Scott is a talented young designer with a good work ethic. Scott is always willing to undertake a challenge and to get involved. It is always encouraging to finda designer who is both creative and willing to take direction. Scott has honed these skills very well and is suited to a professional working environment.

Dominic Edmunds
Operations Director at Leighton

Why use a freelance designer?

Before setting up I was in two minds whether to go freelance or not, then I thought of both the benefits for myself and others. You pay a freelancer as and when you need the work doing, so there is no money going out the door when you don't have the work. Meaning you don't have to commit to paying a full time employee. You have the choice and variety of the freelancers particular style and experiences, that you may not have in-house. As A business looking for design work, apart from the obvious choice of going to a freelancer because it is cheaper than going to a design agency. You also get the close relationship between client and freelancer, developing into something which creates a better end project. Simply because as a freelancer I develop a firmer understanding of clients businesses, ideas and goals.

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